Coming To America…

My life has changed this year in many ways. I quit my full time career in professional sports as a service rep for NHL season ticket members, I moved to Italy with my boyfriend who plays professional basketball over seas, started an online boutique, and gave my beloved puppy to my mom while I was gone..  I am now back in FL for the Summer (still with no puppy).

Officially back in Florida after living in Italy for 5 months.. I have settled back into the heat! phew.. Nothing like the humidity and sun rays of Tampa, FL. This was my first time leaving the country for more than a couple weeks at a time. Settling back into FL has been easy considering this is my home and all. But I must admit that I like the idea of moving, trying out new cities, and experiencing different cultures now more than ever. I have been back a week and I am already itching to just go!

Coming back to the city I lived and worked for 5 years has been bitter sweet because my life is totally different now. Is it normal to miss ALWAYS being on the go after leaving a long term career?? Well I do miss it in many ways… I miss having deadlines, office friends, commission, game nights, the office buzz, etc..  I know many women go through this adjustment when leaving work for a baby and other reasons.. Advice is welcome on adjusting to working from home in a start up. Time to start filling my schedule with productive work, fitness, and fun time!

First I am reminiscing about my leisure days in Italy…. Reminds me to LIVE IN THE MOMENT!


Italian street style.. Cold day in January.

Italian street style.. Cold day in January.


Cremona, Italy streets

Cremona, Italy streets


Me in Rome, Italy

Me in Rome, Italy

About Roc Me Out Online Boutique

Roc Me Out is a newly established online boutique based in The Sunshine State. A Roc Me Out gal dazzles with her own trendy fashion, feels as if the world is her stage, and believes that showing off her ROCing style is a way of expressing herself. Our client's fashion-forward taste comes easy with a bit of a "I do what I want" type of attitude. As Roc Me Out boutique grows so will our collection. We look forward to providing clothing and accessories that will be sure to ROC your wardrobe!

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