Italian Legging Boutique


Store front displaying their Spring collection of leggings at a small boutique in Italy.

Store front displaying their Spring collection of leggings at a small boutique in Italy.

I like to browse the local boutiques while I am out and about. Above is a storefront in the local mall that popped out to me. Floral print is popular in a bold way over here, the colors are vibrant and prints are popping.

Spring has sprung in Italy and the sun is shinning. It is in the high 60s today but feels like it is the 70s with no humidity. Perfect weather to wear a floral print pair of leggings and tank top.

I was curious to see what American stores were offering the same category, I came across Victoria Secret’s Spring leggings on for $29.99.

Victoria Secret floral print leggings

Victoria Secret floral print leggings


I was inspired to mark down all of our leggings now at Roc Me Out Boutique. Take 40% off ALL leggings now with discount code: Legging40

Roc Me Out floral print leggings

Roc Me Out floral print leggings

Claire’s backpacks.. Yes, Claires!


My boyfriend bought this Herschel backpack a while back and I have used it a few times as an overnight bag. I love the size, print, quality, and variety of styles offered.  Aztec print has been hot for awhile now and black and white is on trend too!


Herschel Supply "Little America" Backpack in black and white.

Herschel Supply “Little America” Backpack in black and white.


The price tag isn’t to steep for what you get but I was walking through the mall when I noticed a very similar yet smaller bag for half the price! Check out the Aztec print backpack from Claire’s accessory shop! I have not shopped in this store since my tween days but I couldn’t help but check it out. Get the look today at


Claire's Aztec Design Backpack

Claire’s Aztec Design Backpack

Gel Mani & Pedi at home!

It all started back in the day for me with Lee press-on nails. I have memories of sitting on my bedroom floor laying out my color collection and picking the look for that day. I was constantly doing my own nails hoping to not spill on my white carpet (which happened too often). Once I grew up and made my own income, I would visit my local nail salon every 10 days or so to get my acrylics filled with a gel top coat and pedi.. Choosing the design, color, shape, etc. is a fun way to express your style and mood.

Well… Living in Italy and starting my own online boutique has changed things in my life, like not getting my nails done in hopes of being frugal. Not to mention there aren’t nail shops on every corner like we lucky girls have in Tampa or any metro U.S. city for that matter. But this does not stop me from looking polished and keeping a fresh coat!

I discovered the Deborah Lippmann gel coat polishes before leaving the states during one of my many trips to Ulta. This kit comes with a base coat and a top coat. First apply the base coat and let dry (dries quick), next add a color if you wish, finally add your top coat. This  extends your manicure, helps avoid chipping, and gives you that professional look.

You can also purchase Deborah Lippmann color polish as recommended, I have used a variety of brands for the color and it seems to be just fine. My tip is apply one coat of color because if the polish becomes to thick you may see it peel off over a few days. I also love the Kiss nail art, which is extremely affordable and they really last! Create your own design with the crystals or flowers after you complete the color steps. Apply a very small amount of clear polish over the design to hold down tight for a lasting look.



  • Healthy alternative to acrylic and salon gel
  • Save money
  • No heat  lamp required
  • Endless color options to get creative
  • Order kit online
Deborah Lippmann gel polish and Kiss nail design  decals for an at home mani & pedi.

Deborah Lippmann gel polish and Kiss nail design decals for an at home mani & pedi.



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