Leggings Live On


Wandering the streets of Italy we came across boutiques offering an endless style array of leggings like this display above.

I felt at home because we love layering Roc Me Out leggings with boots or wedged sneakers along with a jean jacket and a basic V-neck T or an asymmetrical tank top. The pairings are endless and the popularity of these clingy style staples do venture around the world.

Leggings Tri

Bottom photo:
Gold and black paisley leggings- http://www.rocmeout.com
Black skull leggings- http://www.rocmeout.com
Blue, gold, teal, and fuchsia Versace print inspired leggings: http://www.rocmeout.com

About Roc Me Out Online Boutique

Roc Me Out is a newly established online boutique based in The Sunshine State. A Roc Me Out gal dazzles with her own trendy fashion, feels as if the world is her stage, and believes that showing off her ROCing style is a way of expressing herself. Our client's fashion-forward taste comes easy with a bit of a "I do what I want" type of attitude. As Roc Me Out boutique grows so will our collection. We look forward to providing clothing and accessories that will be sure to ROC your wardrobe!

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