Introducing.. ROC ME OUT!


Thanks for stopping by! My name is Alyson and I am beginning a new adventure as an entrepreneur.. I am a new blogger and I am excited to share my thoughts, dreams, and news about my fresh new business!
Our newly established online boutique has been developed over the last few months in hopes of living out a dream.. Fashion is a passion, a hobby, an interest, and what I hope to make my career. After working since I am 15 in a variety of fields including bars, restaurants, retail, comedy clubs, as a college student, and recently ended my longest career in professional sports. It is time to provide unique, fun, funky, sexy, clothing and accessories to fellow fashionistas.

This blog will follow our steps of building our site, provide info on our products, serve fun fashion ideas and advice, and it will come along as we travel Italy, The States, and other future destinations. My boyfriend currently lives and works in Italy so after 5 long years of long distance I packed up and moved over seas. I will share what I discover with you as well as keep you posted on Roc Me Out Online Boutique’s growth..

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About Roc Me Out Online Boutique

Roc Me Out is a newly established online boutique based in The Sunshine State. A Roc Me Out gal dazzles with her own trendy fashion, feels as if the world is her stage, and believes that showing off her ROCing style is a way of expressing herself. Our client's fashion-forward taste comes easy with a bit of a "I do what I want" type of attitude. As Roc Me Out boutique grows so will our collection. We look forward to providing clothing and accessories that will be sure to ROC your wardrobe!

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